Boa Vista

The Boa Vista Village is located in an area of over 2 million square meters, surrounded by lush landscapes and green areas. JHSF proposes a unique, unprecedented development designed to provide comfort, balance, and freedom, harmonizing the coexistence of families with unprecedented amenities, while still preserving individual spaces.
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The real estate projects were meticulously planned and individually considered, featuring landscaping by Maria João d’Orey and architectural designs by Sig Bergamin, Murilo Lomas, and Pablo Slemenson, following modern concepts of countryside developments.

Architecture by:

Sig Bergamin, Murilo Lomas e Pablo Slemenson

Landscaping by:

Maria João d’Orey

Master Plan

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Boa Vista Village features the Boa Vista Village Surf Club, reserved for members' use, with the exclusivity of the first American Wave Machines surfing pool in Latin America, stretching 220 meters. With PerfectSwell® technology, the waves are perfectly developed and last up to 22 seconds, allowing for tubes, aerials, and all maneuvers perfect for experienced surfers or beginners.


The golf course at Boa Vista Village was designed by the renowned architect Rees Jones, who is listed by Golf Digest magazine among the top 5 golf course architects in the world. The course combines perfect design with a unique and challenging 18-hole layout, offering an unforgettable experience with varying degrees of difficulty for the player.

Town Center

The Boa Vista Village features a charming Town Center, inspired by the streets of small and elegant villages, such as Carmel and the Hamptons, with shops from national and international brands, restaurants, art galleries, entertainment, and cultural attractions.


The Racquet Club, a club dedicated to racket sports, features fast tennis courts, Pickleball courts, and a children's tennis court. The Boulevard Club also offers fast tennis courts, beach tennis courts, and other sports options. The tennis center will have various court options, both indoor and outdoor, as well as an arena for international tournaments.

Equestrian Center

The equestrian center for beginner and advanced riders has complete infrastructure for the horses, including tracks, stables, and a riding arena.

Spa and Gym

The complete international spa is available to members, offering a full gym, massage rooms, pilates room, martial arts room, ballet room, various pools, saunas and therapies, as well as complete aesthetic and beauty support.

Sports Club

The Boa Vista Village has facilities for all sports because sport and quality of life go hand in hand. There are complete clubs like the Boulevard Club with a soccer field, beach tennis courts, tennis courts, and the unique Technogym Outrace equipment, as well as running and biking tracks, are part of the daily life at Boa Vista Village.

Farm and Kids Center

Complete Kids Center, with space to accommodate children and adolescents of all ages, featuring areas dedicated to babies, a storytelling room, a mini-kitchen for cooking classes, a small cinema, game rooms, a workshop, tree climbing, zip-lining, and a treehouse. At the farm, children can interact with animals, get to know them in open spaces, as well as feed and play with them in nature.

Organic Center

Following the concept of sustainability, Boa Vista Village will offer an organic center, with technicians to provide assistance and guidance, encouraging the cultivation of products by the residents themselves.

Real Estate Projects

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The architecture and master plan were developed according to the most modern project concepts, bringing together some of the best professionals.

Golf Residences

There are three Residences, Eagle, Albatross, and Birdie, with floor plans ranging from 220m² to 500m² designed by Sig Bergamin, Murilo Lomas, and Pablo Slemenson. With privileged views of the 18-hole golf course done by Rees Jones. The Golf Residences now offer long-term rental residences with JHSF quality and excellence: the JHSF Residences. The residences are available for long-term rental and are delivered fully decorated, equipped, with full furnishings and finishes, and come with an exclusive concierge.
Floor plan of 279m2
Floor plan of 386m2
Floor plan of 497m2
R$ 6.851.000,00
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Surfside Residences

The Surfside Residences overlook the beach and the surfing pool featuring the PerfectSwell Technology from American Wave Machines. There are three Residences, Pebble, Malibu, and Laguna, with direct beach access, and units ranging from 173 to 627m², with 2 to 4 suites designed by Sig Bergamin, Murilo Lomas, and Pablo Slemenson. They will be delivered with all finishes and a complete kitchen.
Floor plan of 247m2
Floor plan of 408m2
Floor plan of 627m2
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R$ 6.851.000,00
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Grand Lodge Residences

There are four Grand Lodge Residences, North, South, East, and West, with privileged views of the 18-hole golf course done by Rees Jones and floor plans ranging from 135 to 486m² designed by Sig Bergamin, Murilo Lomas, and Pablo Slemenson. They will be delivered with all finishes and a complete kitchen. Additionally, the Grand Lodge features a comprehensive and exclusive tennis facility with 5 indoor tennis courts, 4 outdoor courts, and beach tennis courts exclusively for the owners, in addition to a private court service.
Floor plan of 177m2
Floor plan of 286m2
Floor plan of 302m2
Floor plan of 391m2
A partir de
R$ 5.453.900,00
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Village Parks & Gardens

Exclusive residential lot condominiums starting from 2,500m² and private clubs designed by Sig Bergamin and Murilo Lomas.
Floor plan of 200m2
Floor plan of 320m2
Floor plan of 500m2
A partir de
R$ 6.937.000
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Village Houses

The Village Houses are exclusive countryside residences located on individual plots starting from 2,030m², in a reserved area of the Boa Vista Village. With privileged views, the Village Houses feature 696m², 5 suites, a swimming pool, and spacious rooms that open up to natural light, designed by Sig Bergamin and Murilo Lomas. They also offer customization options for the colors of the bricks and frames. In addition, they are delivered with all finishes, carpentry, and a complete kitchen.
Floor plan of 696m2
Floor plan of 696m2
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R$ 17.737.000,00
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Family Offices

There are five Family Offices, each 1,712m², with private office areas ranging from 91m² to 716m², complete with meeting rooms and concierge services. Located near the Town Center, which features large plazas and various options for services, dining, recreation, and culture, the Family Offices facilitate family interaction.
Floor plan of 91m2
Floor plan of 102m2
Floor plan of 105m2
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R$ 2.693.647,85
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Real Estate Projects

The architecture and master plan were developed according to the most modern project concepts, bringing together some of the best professionals.
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piscina de surf

piscina de surf


piscina coberta

piscina coberta


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